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Nannying The Senate

It's official, Fran Drescher is throwing her hat in the ring as a possible replacement for Clinton's vacated New York Senate seat.

“I’m an authentic and honest person, and I think Capitol Hill needs more of that,” she said this weekend.
I'm inclined to agree. There's no clue yet as to her stance on immigration, but I don't expect her to take a nativist approach. Her laugh would at least drown out the hate-spewing voices of Sessions and Vitter.


Maria M. said...

Completely ridiculous. Haha, that man must have no life.

kyledeb said...

I'm looking through my contacts an I realize I don't have your contact info. Could you email me at kyle at citizenorange dot com?

Codex said...

Hey I just wanted to say the title for your blog is genius.

Also, I linked you to mine.