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Another Year Gone

Christmas is here again. It seems that years used traverse very slowly when I was a child. One Christmas appeared light years away from the next. Perhaps a carefree life tends to slow down the passage of time. Nowadays, though, time takes no pity on me.

A year ago this month, Dreamies were still trying to recover from the blow dealt to us by this country we call home. On October 24, 2007, the Senate failed to pass a motion to invoke cloture on the DREAM Act. That's just political lingo for allowing undocumented students to remain in the shadows, to spend more time in limbo.

As I finish trimming my Christmas tree, all I can hope for is respite. Respite from fear. Respite from hope; I'm tired of hoping. "Maybe this is the year for us." "Maybe President-elect Obama will keep his promise about passing the DREAM Act in the first 100 days of his presidency." "Maybe this or that senator will change his or her mind and support us." "Maybe I'll be able to afford college next semester." Maybe this, maybe that.

I want something tangible. For now, however, I'll keep on hoping that the passage of time will continue to be swift until DREAM passes.


DreamACTivist said...

We can find work for you -
CREATIVE work. lol.

Do you know how to make blinkies? Those would be rocking. They are small unlike large banners and attractive as well.

Be the Nez Jr. of the DA movement =)

Lu said...

Hey I'm lu001 from DAP. I just started my blog and added you to my blog list. Feel free to add me to yours.

somfolnalco said...

I feel you on being tired of the "maybes", we do need something tangible.

great post!

(originalgabe from DAP)